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Your Path to Financial Success: Financial Coaching

Do you feel your financial goals are out of reach? Are your spending habits holding you back from financial security?

Maria Hewitt Financial Coaching is here to guide you towards a brighter financial future. We specialize in comprehensive financial and life coaching services, focusing on key areas that will empower you to achieve your goals and master your finances.

Basic Coaching

Our Basic Coaching service is the perfect starting point for individuals seeking guidance and support in their financial journey. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique, and our certified financial planners are here to provide personalized solutions.

We’ll work together to help you plan for emergencies, overcome debt, establish positive money-saving habits, and set goals for your financial future.

Engaged and Newly Married Couples

Starting a life together is an exciting adventure, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to merging your finances. Our coaching service for engaged and newly married couples is designed to foster open communication and harmony within your relationship. Getting on the same page when it comes to MONEY is very powerful in building trust in a relationship.

We’ll help you set shared financial goals, manage your spending habits, and build a solid financial foundation as a couple. With our support, you can strengthen your partnership and work together to create a financial plan that aligns with your vision for the future. Together, you’ll work to reach financial goals!

Wealth Building

Wealth building is a long-term endeavor that requires a well-defined strategy and consistent money management. At Maria Hewitt Financial Coaching, we have the expertise to guide you through the wealth-building process.

We’ll work closely with you to design a personalized plan to achieve your financial goals, whether it’s growing your retirement savings, investing in real estate, or building a diversified portfolio. With our guidance, you can chart a course to long-term financial success.

Power in the Paycheck™: Workplace Coaching

Our “Power in the Paycheck™ workplace coaching service is designed to empower employees to take control of their financial lives. We partner with organizations to offer financial coaching and counseling to their employees, helping them improve their financial literacy, make better financial decisions, and enhance their money management skills.

Through personalized counseling and planning education, employees can create a financial plan that aligns with their financial goals. By providing this valuable benefit, employers not only support their employees’ financial well-being but also boost workplace morale and productivity.

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