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Did you get a $950 a month raise?

The average American family needs to make at least 11K more a year in 2024 to simply maintain the same quality of life they had in 2023!!

Have you been able to give yourself that $950 a month raise in your month?

The GOP analysis indicates that Americans need an additional $11,434 annually to afford the same standard of living they enjoyed in early 2021, just before inflation surged to 40-year highs. This figure stems from analyses of government data which highlight how inflation and rising costs have significantly impacted living expenses.

Most of us haven’t been able to do that without side hustles, or raises.

What is really CRAZY is that I’ve been able to do (find huge $$) inside my clients months just by having them do a zero based budget. Here are the key elements of what a ZERO based budget is:

✔️ Start from Zero: At the start of each month, pretend you have no money left over from the previous month. You begin fresh with the income you expect to receive.

✔️ Plan Every Dollar: Allocate every single dollar of your income to specific expenses. This means assigning all your money a purpose, whether it’s bills, savings, or fun money.

✔️ Justify Expenses: Think carefully about why you’re spending money on each item. If you want to buy new clothes, make sure you really need them and they fit into your budget. Or better yet, create a goal account to save a little each pay to build that up!

✔️ Make a List: Write down all your expenses for the month, including rent, groceries, utilities, student loan payments, and entertainment. Rank these in order of priority.

✔️ Prioritize: If your income doesn’t cover everything on your list, prioritize your essential expenses first, like rent and groceries. Less critical items, like entertainment or dining out, come after the essentials.

✔️ Money left over: Assign it a job!! Make it do something productive like paydown debt, invest, or add to a short term goal!!

Your goal is to get to ZERO. If you do this, then you will FIND that extra money you’ve been needing to maintain that quality of life or better!!

If you want to pay down debt faster, invest sooner, and get the financial peace of mind your looking for, reach out to me to schedule a free consultation!!