Gain Financial Freedom

Coaching is available virtually. Location is NEVER an issue. I coach over 90% of my clients from the comfort of their own homes via the web. It enables my clients to see all the budgeting, debt, savings tools I am building and teaching them from.

One to One Coaching

Helps you plan for emergencies, overcome debt, establish winning money habits, and set goals for the future.  A great STARTING point if you’re doing okay, but just can’t seem to get ahead.  You are paying your bills every month, but there is nothing left for savings or you would need to use debt/credit/loans in the event of an emergency.

Workplace Coaching: Power in the Paycheck

A powerful workshop series that will guide your employees (with current income) to eliminate debt, save money, and invest faster than they ever did before. It is not just “more information”, but an executable plan to empower your business to:

  • Increase employee retention and create a culture of caring.
  • Eliminate borrowing from retirement for emergencies.
  • Eliminate Requests for Paycheck Advances.
  • Improve morale over stagnant wages with the higher cost of living.
  • Reduced Absenteeism

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A one size fits all approach fits NONE. That's why we customize a spending plan that fits you.