My wife and I are 27 years old and were struggling with significant credit card debt, car loans and large school loans each and every month. We had no long term financial plan and would pay the minimum payments each month. After a few short meetings with Maria she had laid out a plan to reduce the year we would be debt free from 2042 to 2018. She inspired us and convinced us to believe we could accomplish the plan. After 7 months we have eliminated our credit card debt and reduced our student loans by 25%. After March of 2018 we will be able to begin to start building our financial security and wealth very early in life. We strongly recommend Maria as she will make you believe financial freedom is possible for you as well.
My husband and I had been married about a year and half with a newborn when Maria had contacted us about coaching. After meeting with her, we looked at each other and knew we had to learn more. The one thing we argued about most was money. We were not budgeting well, we had credit card bills, medical bills, etc. The first night was difficult to hear about all the mistakes we had been making. However, Maria soon helped us with everything. Within 2 months, we had all credit cards paid off, a new life insurance policy and a budget in place. She taught us SO MUCH and we plan to follow the information she gave to us forever. She was a true marriage saver and lifted so much anxiety off of us. Maria is so kind, knowledgeable and matter of fact…we will never be able to thank her enough. Anyone looking for financial coaching MUST meet with Maria, it is well worth your time and money. Now, all we argue about is what’s for dinner. Thank you Maria!!
I met Maria when I was 30 years old and struggling with debt, and even after going through a Bankruptcy in 2011, I still couldn’t keep my head above water. After sitting through the first day of a personal finance class, I knew that I needed one on one help. Maria was so willing, so patient, and she walked me through a plan of attack.. It was amazing to watch the numbers drop and to see that what I was doing, no matter how small was helping. I learned the importance of a zero based budget and the importance of paying myself and building up my savings. Everything that Maria taught me was valuable and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get out from the burden of debt and learn the basics of budgeting, and saving. Maria’s compassion and care went a long way.
We found Maria after looking for finance class, she suggested one-on-one appointments as most folk’s situations are unique. We are so glad we did this as we are quickly approaching retirement and although we had some money set aside, we had way too much outstanding debt. We were feeling overwhelmed by all our bills and had no savings set aside for emergencies or otherwise. We are still in the process of meeting with Maria, but it is on our own terms and the finances are in a much better place. Maria has taught us so much that you can’t come up with on your own. Thank you Maria!
At 26 i am in a position in my life where I am starting to finally make decent money. I had an idea on how save, budget and spend my money that I work very hard for, but it was difficult for me to stick with a plan of action to save and budget my finances. Maria showed me how to budget according to my income and to my lifestyle. What good is saving your paycheck if you don't allow yourself to enjoy it within reason? Maria helped me organize my saving and spending habits, by giving me key tools and a plan. She explained the debt snowball to help pay debt off faster, rather than paying the minimum payments. She also explained the long and short term effects of loans. It has only been a few months since she helped me, but I am already on a steady path to paying off my bills while saving money and still being able to enjoy the money I have.
As I am reaching the age of retirement, I was finding myself in not so great financial shape. I owed so much money to credit cards and I had in the past spent money in areas that was such a financial mistake. I felt that I was drowning and then through church the Dave Ramsey program was available. I felt it was worth a shot. Didn't realize that the Lord called me to Maria. With Maria's help and planning I have been able to control many areas of my life and I am slowly becoming closer to debt free. I know there are still things going on and it may take me a little longer than normal but Maria gave me direction. My life has changed dramatically since I met with her. I now feel I will be able to enjoy retirement a little more than what I originally thought. I see a future of some trips to see the United States that has been on my bucket list for years. Thanks you Maria for helping my dreams to one day become a reality.