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Talk about Money MORE so you can think about MONEY less…

I have been working with several couples the past few months. “Shameless Plug”…they are now having the BEST money conversations they have ever had in the course of their marriage! Instead of arguing, and one partner being in the dark about their finances (and dreams), they are working toward the same goal!

When I can get two people to stop pulling their money in opposite directions it creates very powerful momentum!

Many times I will hear that they have the EXACT same money goals, but often in the coaching sessions, I realize their money habits are pulling them in opposite directions.

I get them to do the following:


When we REFOCUS, we determine what is coming in their bank account and what is going out!

When we GAIN CONTROL, I help them with new money habits so that they can see their dollars with 100% transparency!

When we SET A PLAN, we have created a budget they can stick to, because it LINES up with what they value, and it’s very simple!

Now they are working as a TEAM!

They get laser focused on what it is they want to accomplish, and WHEN that goal will be hit. It’s not just some aimless target they are shooting for.

What are your money goals?  What are your significant other’s money goals? Sometimes it’s incredibly helpful to have a third party help you identify this so you can get started ASAP!

Schedule a free consultation if you aren’t laser focused when it comes to finances. You can get on the same financial page as your spouse. I can show you how.