You are currently viewing Christmas… in April???

Christmas… in April???

Part of good money management is having a proactive approach to funding your life. With this concept in mind, bank-rolling the holidays should be a year-long endeavor.

Here’s what you do to avoid financing Christmas

  1. Estimate how much you want to/are willing to spend.
  2. Stash away a little money each month. Divide your estimate by the number of months you have left to give you a monthly target. If you start this month, you will have 8 months to chip away at your goal. For example, if you feel you will need $1,200, dividing this by 8 months left until December will dictate that you should save $150 a month.
  3. Shop sales throughout the year to get more bang for your buck. I found this AMAZING one at Walmart. They are offering deep discounts on board games, up to half off. Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to stock up on some family favorites.

With these strategies, you’ll avoid paying full price, creating debt and accruing interest. Visit my website for a FREE budget sheet to help you build your savings goals into your monthly expenses.

If you need personalized guidance or assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. A proactive financial mindset is key to success.